Myths that might be getting in your way

I'm too busy to be in therapy forever.

Agreed! My goal is to help you find a valuable pause in your day-to-day hustle to tap into your desires. Therapy is an intentional, active dialogue designed to help you practice ways to maximize the things that are already going well and build tools to disrupt the challenges. I want to send you back out into the world to practice what we're discovering at a pace that feels right for you.



I don't want to pay for a "friend."

Please don't. As a professional therapist, my intention is to create a relationship with you that is truly unique. The foundation of this relationship is built on caring and support with honesty, openness, and healthy boundaries. I'm not here to be your friend/ sibling/ parent/ boss. 

I know people who have it way worse than me. 

A comparison like this may just be talking yourself out of improving your quality of life. Why wait? We all carry big emotions and experiences: sometimes it sounds like labels or painful narratives; sometimes it looks like considering big decisions, navigating major changes, or a curious desire for more. Our time together serves as a safe space for all of the above and a time to consider growth in whatever way makes sense to you.



Maybe this is just how things will always be.

It's never too late to see if there's more to life than what you're currently experiencing. We all have room for improvement, expansion, and increasing the depth of our experiences. You're probably making some big decisions right now. Why not make them from a place that feels healthy and empowering?