What is psychotherapy?

The primary purpose of therapy is to facilitate your personal growth. This occurs when you begin to acknowledge your freedom to change, accept the responsibility to make those changes, and then take action.

Therapy is a process by which you can make positive life changes. The word “process" is defined as 'a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result, e.g., the process of growth.' The takeaway is that major changes take time. These significant changes are an accumulation of smaller changes directed at the desired result.

I won't promise "quick fixes" and do believe the time is more than worth it.

How do I get started?

The fastest way to get started is to send me an email letting me know you're ready to see if we'll be a good fit for your needs, whether you are reaching out for yourself or someone else, and the best way for me to connect with you to map out next steps. 

If you prefer, you can also leave me a voicemail or send a brief text with your information to (512) 710-7049.

I look forward to connecting with you!

What will our first session be like?

You might notice yourself feeling anxious or uncertain before our first session. Reaching out for support can be a vulnerable experience and you aren't alone in feeling this way. 

Before the first session, you will fill out the paperwork sent to you via my secure client portal.

When you arrive for your appointment, you'll make yourself comfortable in my lobby. I will come to greet you at the time of our session, and we'll walk back to my office together.

Once you're settled, we'll briefly review your paperwork and talk in more detail about what's leading you to reach out for support at this time. It's my job to listen to your unique situation and goals and help you decide what the therapy process will look like for you. You'll also have time to ask any questions you may have and get a sense of how we'll fit in our work together before moving forward.

What will my teen's first session be like?

Your teen can think of our first meeting as an interview for them - a chance to get to talk to me and see if I might be someone who could feel helpful and supportive.

If you are starting services for a teen client, I will ask you to join your teen and me for the first 10 minutes of the session to review paperwork, confidentiality, and to allow your teen to acclimate to my office with a trusted guardian present. I'll then invite you to make yourself comfortable in my lobby while I meet individually with your teen for the rest of the session. We'll rejoin during the last 5 minutes to talk about next steps.

*Please note I work with teens ages 13 and older. If you are looking for support for a younger individual, I am happy to provide you with the names of some trusted colleagues.

How many sessions will I need?

Your time spent in therapy depends on your goals and personal needs. In most cases, I expect to meet for at least 6-8 weeks consecutively so we can get to know each other, develop a rapport, and actually start making progress together.

My clients who see the most progress typically do so through regular weekly sessions. As you progress with your goals, we will check in about the frequency of our sessions and adjust or conclude our work depending on your preferences and needs. I also welcome client requests for "update sessions" to maintain progress and efforts already established. 

What if it's an emergency?


I am not a crisis facility and am not available at all times. If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact an emergency service provider or go to the nearest emergency room. Below is a list of helpful numbers to have on-hand.