about caitlyn

Choosing a therapist can feel like starting a puzzle...

You want an idea of the big picture ahead and a grasp of some of the corner pieces involved in the work.


Through your search, you're building an understanding of the "corner pieces" involved in my process and approach. I also want you to understand the piece that is me, as a person. 

I'm not a "blank slate" or a robot in my approach to therapy. I don't have a therapist 'persona' and try to bring authenticity to our work because I want you to do the same.

This means that I will genuinely care about you and work hard to understand your world. I offer a keen eye for your strengths and wholehearted advocacy for your wellbeing and thriving. 


The experience pieces

As an Austin-native, I feel a deep connection to serving this community, and my work has followed this passion. 

+ I've advocated for and served people living with disabilities and neurodiversity. 

+ I've conducted research to help improve the experiences of college students with chronic stress. 

+ I've supported my Austin neighbors struggling to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, and mental health. 

+ I've served clients through agencies, a crisis youth shelter, and private practice groups. 

I deeply value these formative experiences. I also knew I would one day open a private practice to offer services in my own unique and authentic way. I've worked hard to create a healing and nurturing space for my clients. 

I genuinely feel that I have the best job in the world (for me) and am honored to be able to show up with and for my incredible clients. 

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The Training pieces

Master of Arts in Counseling,
St. Edward's University

Dual-focus w/ honors:
Licensed Professional Counseling,
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy

Bachelor of Arts,
Southwestern University

Major: Psychology, Minor: Spanish
Paideia Scholar

I've completed advanced training in
+ solution-focused therapy
+ life coaching for adults and teens
+ positive discipline
+ mental health first aid
+ applied behavior analysis 

I love attending professional continuing education trainings and workshops. I get excited when I discover a new tool or an example that unlocks a concept for a client.

I consider myself a "brain nerd" and lifelong learner. I'm also an unabashed "fangirl" of many wise thinkers like Brene Brown, Kristin Neff, and Daniel Siegel  (to name a few).


The Personal Pieces

I come from a tradition of strong southern women who raised me to value the grit and courage involved in living with authenticity, vulnerability, and resilience. I've wanted to be a helper before I even realized that could be a job. 

I also know what it's like to grapple with doubt, mistakes, and face-down-in-the-arena struggles along the way. Asking for help can still feel challenging at times. Personal growth and self-care are muscles I work daily to exercise and prioritize. 

Getting outside helps me find balance and practice gratitude. My husband, friends, and goofball rescue boxer keep me laughing. I love cooking with my family, plugging into podcasts, and turning pages of all kinds. I try to meet at least one new dog every day.