Think about the last time you heard "millennial"... 

Was it in a wince-worthy context? 

Said with a sarcastic or critical tone?

I hear it all too often, and I want to change this conversation. 

My clients know first-hand it can be challenging to be innovators. The prospect of change - even positive change - can often evoke fear and criticism from our inner selves and outsiders. Tackling this journey in isolation can often lead to feelings of being "stuck," overwhelmed, lost, or left behind.

The paths to success of past generations don't seem to apply to most of us in the present day. After years of education and drive, the "what's next" can come as an overwhelming question mark. 

Maybe you have an active support system (or are building one) but find yourself needing a safe outlet and a sounding board for growth, development, and focus. Maybe you're feeling burned out or lost just as you're "supposed" to reach that (mythical) point where you've "figured it all out." 

Together we can transform the avoidance, confusion, and/or frustration that might be setting the tone for this current moment in life. I can offer you a space that feels respectful, empathic, and connected. I don't pretend to have all the answers and don't see that as my job. I'm here to facilitate the discovery of your true needs through relationship. Together we can tap into curiosity, embrace vulnerability, and empower authenticity.