The "other verts": Ambiverts & extroverts

When you think about 'therapy,' what do you picture?

Awkward silence? Watching the clock tick? Being asked about your mother? 

I hear these stereotypes all the time and cringe right along with you when I do. Effective therapy is often a blend of listening, reflecting, and exploring, but it doesn't have to be a cliche or a painfully slow passage of minutes. 

My clients often seek me out because I am able to match their energy in a way that feels attuned to them. I identify as an ambivert, someone who needs a combination of social and private time for a fulfilling recharge. Because of this awareness, I also find it intuitive to match the pace of higher-energy clients and those who like to "figure things out as they go (talk)" with guidance and feedback. 

If you are someone who has struggled to find a fit with a therapist in the past, I might be a good fit for your needs. I try to create a space that is safe and supportive for all ways of being, including those who feel more expressive, "loud," or "all-over-the-place."